The Upsides and Downsides of Living in an Apartment

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Choosing where to live in should not be taken for granted. Being knowledgeable about the pros and cons of each option holds the key to happiness and quality life. And for today, we are going to how it is to live in an apartment unit.

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However, first and foremost, you have to know that to get the most satisfactory result, you should not base your decision based on a personal evaluation. Realtor agencies are the expert in the business. They have a database of hundreds of apartments, which makes them the most capable one for answering your inquiries.

The Upsides

Living in an apartment is best if you are a practical person. Apartment units are not as spacious as a house. So it means that you have less space and stuff to maintain. Everything has to have purposes. Otherwise, your unit will be filled with useless items that can ruin both the beauty and functionality of the place.

building apartment on progressMedium price apartments come with facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, or a jogging track. Some units are even located in a mall or a trade center, which will be a priceless advantage if you are a businessman. However, you do not own the facilities as if you live in a condo unit. You may not have any voice in case the apartment management issues any improvements or facility removals. You should also expect membership fee for using the facilities.

In terms of financial prudence, living in an apartment allows you to save more money than if you own a house. First, the utility charges like electricity, gas, and heater are cheaper. Second, you do not need to maintain those utilities by yourself. It saves you a significant amount of time.

The Downsides

optimizing the limited spaceLiving in apartment restricts the possibility of renovating and decorating. In fact, doing a renovation requires you to reevaluate the ownership agreement, consult the apartment overseer, and to deal with a lot of paperwork. The management enforces the rule for good, though. If all the apartment owners are given the right to design their places as they please, the chances for the price to fluctuate from one unit to another will significantly increase.

Apartment units also reduce your privacy. If the structure is not good, you can expect hearing footsteps and noises from the neighbors living upstairs. And the same thing happens on your end too.

As for the parking lot, you should anticipate space snatcher. Some apartments apply a rental system, which charges you a sum of money for a parking space. Although it costs you money, it prevents you from getting into a dispute during a car parking.


After reading the information above, you can make a well-informed decision of living in an apartment. In brief, you have to evaluate if you can cope up with limited space, limited chances of personalization, and limited privacy before you move into an apartment unit.