Tips for Keeping Different Types of Carpets Clean at Home

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Carpets in the house help to keep warm, give a pleasant tactile sensation. They bring a special unique coziness to the interior. But you have to make a lot of effort to keep them clean.

If you do not take care of the carpet, stains and dirt will significantly spoil its appearance. It will also contract dust, waste products of ticks cause serious allergic reactions. Therefore, you need to regularly contact a specialist or try to clean the carpet at home on your own. Here is how you can clean various types of carpets at home.

Long Pile Carpets

vacuumingFluffy carpets with a long pile up to 10 cm are also called shaggy. They are beautiful and warm, but more difficult to care for. The difficulty lies in the fact that dirt gets clogged into the fibers, which is difficult to remove later. When wet processing, long-pile carpets get wet quickly and take longer to dry.

Shaggy carpets need to be vacuumed twice a week. Deep cleaning is preferable to carry out without water. Products with high piles need to be taken outside and knocked out more often. It is better to do this from the wrong side so that dirt and small particles do not get clogged even deeper.

Silk Carpets

Cleaning of dustrug cleaning is allowed only with a soft sponge, manually, without a vacuum cleaner. You can knock it out very carefully without knocking it out. If the pile is combined (for example, with an admixture of viscose or wool), it is allowed to vacuum in the minimum retraction mode, without the use of turbo brushes. Silk carpets don’t auger well with moisture, sunlight, cleaning agents, strong mechanical stress. To remove stubborn dirt, contact a professional dry cleaner once a year.

Woolen Rugs

Soft wool carpets provide an incredible tactile sensation, provide noise and heat insulation. But they are whimsical. They need frequent, gentle cleaning to prevent the appearance of mold, moths, mildew.

Natural dyes arecarpet cleaning used for expensive products. Do not use bleaching agents on them. For woolen rugs, you should:

  • vacuum twice a week with a smooth nozzle;
  • unfold periodically so that the wear is even;
  • if moisture gets in, dry it with a hairdryer at the most gentle temperature regime;
  • clean along the direction of the pile;
  • use special delicate products intended for this type of coating.

It is easier to take care of products impregnated with antistatic agents, antifungals, antimolants, and formulations that repel dirt. With proper care, they will last for decades.