What Are Some Key Features of Shower Wall Panels?

Coming up with a bathroom style that’s up-to-the-minute yet practical can seem impossible. Many homeowners usually opt for tiles because they might not be aware of alternative solutions. Although tiles are readily available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes, they do require a certain amount of frequent maintenance to keep the grout clean. Unfortunately, after a period, the appearance of the grout will diminish, regardless of how consistent you clean them. However, waterproof shower panels are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to bathroom tiles. The following are some of their features.

Key features of shower wall panels

Shower wall panels are invaluable. They’re mshower wall panelsanufactured in a variety of formats and sizes to suit different shower enclosures – full bathrooms and domestic steam rooms. They can be sold as complete┬ákits that include all required profiles, sealants, and accessories. In addition to being attractive and easy to install/maintain, they also come with a myriad of health benefits to the end user.

They’re easier and faster to install

In most cases, bathroom panels come with all the fixtures that are necessary to have them mounted on the walls. That being the case, they can be quickly installed using simple DIY techniques This is a sharp contrast to tiles that can take several days for the adhesive and grout to dry. Since the panels are dry, there’s a minimum chance for the mess, and no grouting means the room can be used immediately after installation.

Stops the development of bathroom molds

From various medical studies that have been conducted, it has been proven beyond doubt that bathroom wall molds are some of the major causes of respiratory illnesses among individuals. Unlike with tiles, wall panels suppress the growth of molds. Again, the mold that’s often found in between tiles is a real nuisance and soon ruins the look of your bathroom.

Can fit most types of bathroom walls

One of thebathroom key features of shower wall panels is that they can be used in any bathroom. They come in a wide variety, and this makes it possible for you to choose the panel that suits your requirements. Your bathroom type isn’t a factor when it comes to these panels. You’re free to install them wherever and whenever you want. They can be fitted to most types of the bathroom wall, including concrete, studwork, brick, plasterboard and even the top of existing ceramic tiles.

They’re easy to maintain

After you’re done installing the panels, you don’t need to spend hours cleaning or maintaining them. They just need wiping with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.


Unlike wallpaper or paint, that can peel or flake, and tiles that can chip or crack, shower wall panels are unlikely to suffer any damage for many years to come.…