Fix Noisy Pipes – Water Pressure Issues


Release yourself from the stress of noisy water pipes

Noisy water pipes can be a real hassle. Not only can they keep you awake at night with their clanking and their ghostly whines, they can also scare your pets and interfere with the enjoyment of relaxing in a perfectly quiet home. More seriously, they can indicate a problem that can damage the joints in your water pipe. Noisy water pipes are often the result of a water pressure issue.

High pressure and ‘the water hammer’

More specifically, high water pressure (especially in combination with narrowed pipes) is the main culprit here. When high pressure water rushes through a pipe and meets with a restriction such as a closed valve or a blockage in the pipe, the result is a loud din. This din is often known as a ‘water hammer’.

How can noisy pipes be fixed

There are two main ways to fix noisy pipes resulting from the water pressure issues described above. The first is installing or replenishing an air chamber, and the second is tightening the mounting straps.

Copper pipe

Air cushions

An air cushion is, as its name suggests, a cushion of air placed inside a water pipe before a valve or before a part of the pipe where it gets narrower. This pocket of air cushions the flow of high pressure water, slowing it down and stopping it from getting noisy. A plumber can instal an air cushion in your pipes, and indeed water pipes usually come with air cushions ready installed. If your water pipes are getting noisy, chances are that one of the air cushions has disappeared.

Replenishing an air cushion

Luckily, replenishing an air cushion is quite simple. Simply shut off your water’s main supply valve and open the house’s highest faucet (for instance the one in the bathroom on the top floor). Now, turn on the lowest faucet in the building. Water will then drain completely from your pipes. As the water drains away, it will be replaced by air. Now, switch off the lowest faucet and re-open the main supply valve. This will create air cushions, and thus eliminate the noise that you had previously heard in your pipes.

Mounting straps

Loose mounting straps are another common cause of noisy pipes. When water (especially water at a high pressure) flows through a pipe that is loosely mounted, it will rattle and cause an annoying noise. The simple solution here is just to tighten up the mounting straps so that your pipes are held firmly in place.…