• Transforming Garage Into A Bedroom

    The Basics Of Turning Your Garage Into A Bedroom



    Converting your garage into a bedroom is estimated to add about 600sq feet of a room to your house on average. Before turning the garage into a bedroom, homeowners must take some things into consideration. From your comfort concerns, to space issues and how you can use the space in the wisest way possible, garage conversion should circumvent the need for a lengthy and a cost-intensive home addition. Even though there isn’t any right way to convert your garage into a bedroom inexpensively, there are ways and techniques that you can use to save your money and space too at every step in the project.

    The walls, windows and ceiling.

    technicianPossibly your garage will require insulation in order to make the room look cozy plus it offers a cost-effective option. In case the garage has brick walls (single-course), I highly recommend constructing an independent stud wall and mount them from the existing walls of about 3 inches so as to easily accommodate plasterboard and insulation. When it comes to covering the garage ceiling, the best and most economical option is drywall. If your rafters are spaced at 24”, then go for a 5/8-inch-thick drywall. Although it may be costly, choosing the right energy-efficient doors and windows are the easiest and will save you some cash in the long run.

    The floor

    A garage can easily accommodate floating wood or carpeting flooring mainly because they are created with concrete slab floor. You can alternatively set lintels just below the ground level if your garage has a potentially costly excavation of the floor; lintels are an affordable solution for everyone. Vinyl tiles are also a good flooring option, they are cost-effective and are easy to install too.

    The accoutrementsGarage

    Extending your ductwork from home into the garage is the best affordable option in case you want to run an air conditioning system. To reduce cooling and heating costs, make sure that your garage has a vent opening of about a square foot per every 300sq feet of attic space. If the garage has an attic, you can paint your new bedroom with a light-colored paint and you can mount mirrors to make the bedroom feel spacious than before.

    If the new bedroom is well constructed, it can generate a 1st year return on investment of about 78% of its initial cost. Your garage conversion can also be less costly if you plan without the need for an extra bathroom. You can instead try installing a connecting door if there is an existing bathroom that share a wall with the garage